Landlord Fees Schedule – Tenant Find Only


Arranging and facilitating statutory compliance (this is in addition to the costs of the item itself) if not provided on instruction or undertaken by the landlord)

  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

£18.00 (inc. VAT) per tenancy

  • Gas Safety Certificate (GSR)

£18.00 (inc. VAT) per tenancy

  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

£18.00 (inc. VAT) per tenancy


  • Legionella Risk Assessment

£18.00 (inc. VAT) per tenancy

  • Installing Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

£18.00 (inc. VAT) per tenancy

  • Visual Check in compliance with the Homes Act 2018 on the first day of the tenancy

£60.00 (inc. VAT) per tenancy



Additional Tenant Referencing Fees per tenant

£60.00 (inc. VAT) per tenant


Guarantor Fees per guarantor

Covering credit referencing ad preparing a Deed of Guarantee (or as part of the Tenancy)

£60.00 (inc. VAT) per guarantor


Permitted Occupier Fees per permitted occupier

Explaining to any permitted occupier their rights and responsibilities towards the named tenant(s) and landlord

£36.00 (inc. VAT) per permitted occupier


Accompanied Check-in Fees

Attending to the property to welcome the tenant(s), confirm the Inventory and Schedule of Condition, highlight the location of Utility meters, stop-cocks etc. and test that all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are present and in working order.  This is subject to an approved Inventory as above

£60.00 (inc. VAT) per tenancy

Landlord Withdrawal Fees (before move-in) 

To cover the costs associated with the marketing, advertising and tenancy set up should the landlord from the tenancy before it has started.

£120.00 (inc. VAT) per tenancy



Additional Property Visits

Should the landlord request property visits in addition to those within their existing Terms of Business, this covers the costs of attending property

£60.00 (inc. VAT) per visit


Renewal Fees

Contract negotiation, amending and updating terms and arranging for the signing of a further tenancy

£60.00 (inc. VAT) per tenancy


Right-to-Rent Follow-up Check

Undertaking a repeat check in person on a time-limited visa in accordance with the Immigration Acts 2014 and 2016.  Notifying the Home Office should an illegal overstayer be identified.  This does not apply to a Tenant-Find only service

£36.00 (inc. VAT) per check


Landlord Withdrawal Fees

To cover the costs associated with advising the tenant on the change and the position of the security deposit, transferring the security deposit to the landlord or new agent, notifying all utility providers and local authority (where necessary) and returning all relevant documents held by the agent to the Landlord.  This does not apply to a Tenant-Find only service

£200.00 (inc. VAT) per tenancy

Arrangement Fees for Works over £1000.00

Arranging access and assessing the costs with any contractors, ensuring work has been carried out in accordance with the Specification of Works and retaining any resulting Warranty or Guarantee

12% (inc. VAT) of net cost



Tenancy Dispute Fee 

The costs associated with the preparation of all evidence and submitting the case to the tenancy deposit scheme as well as dealing with all correspondence relating to the dispute.  This only applies where the agent has protected the deposit

£60.00 (inc. VAT) an hour per tenancy



Fees for providing an Annual Income and Expenditure Schedule

£60.00 (inc. VAT) annually


Duplicate Rent Statements

£12.00 (inc. VAT) each month


Same-Day Payment Fees 

Should the landlord request a payment faster than the agreed timescales within their existing Terms of Business, this covers the costs of providing a same-day payment service

£60.00 (inc. VAT) per payment


Submission of Non-Resident Landlords receipts to HMRC

To remit and balance the financial Return to HMRC on both a quarterly and annual basis.  Fully managed Service Only.

As per the Terms of Business


Additional HMRC Reporting

Responding to any specific queries relating to either the quarterly or annual Return form either the Landlord or HMRC

As per the Terms of Business



Obtaining more than three contractor quotes

£60.00 (inc. VAT) per quote


Vacant Property Management Fee

To cover the costs associated with visiting the property to undertake visual checks on the inside and outside at a frequency mutually agreed with the landlord. Also, to meet contractors, oversee repairs etc.

£60.00 (inc. VAT) per visit


Management Take-over Fees

To cover the costs associated with taking over the management of an ongoing tenancy, ensuring all statutory compliance has been undertaken, confirming everything under “Set-up Fees” above, receiving and protecting the security deposit and providing all necessary legal documentation to the tenant

£240.00 (inc. VAT) per tenancy


Deposit Transfer Fees

Should the landlord request any changes to a protected deposit during a tenancy, this covers the costs associated with legal compliance for said request

£60.00 (inc. VAT) per deposit


Dealing with Insurance Claims

£60.00 (inc. VAT) per hour


Additional advertisements Fees

(Three local adverts Free – inclusive in Letting Fee)

Special advertisements will be charged at a rate to be agreed beforehand

£30.00 (inc. VAT) per advert