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Why Choose Us

The most crucial point to make is that we ourselves are Auctioneers and in turn are an Independent Auction House. Therefore, we hold our very own sales meaning that no third party is involved. This is very important as it guarantees quality and control creating a boutique style service whereby our lots are always given the special focus and attention that our valued clients deserve. The aim is simple and that is to deliver the very best results! This is said on the basis that many agents have tie in's with the national auction houses but properties can then become faceless getting lost as just another number in huge catalogues. This is the complete opposite of what we are about!

Auction sales are in our DNA and can be traced right back to our roots as a privately owned property and surveying practice which has been serving the Wyre Forest and surrounding areas since 1848. We practice right across Worcestershire, Shropshire, The West Midlands and Mid-Wales appealing strongly to clients who value personal service and attention to detail. Our key strengths in this fascinating area of work can be well summarised as follows:-

  • RICS Auction specialists with unrivalled expertise.
  • Offices across Worcestershire, Shropshire and Mid Wales
  • Regular fully independent sales - usually March, June, September and November.
  • Decades and decades of experience with all types of land and property.
  • Residential - Land - Commercial - Agricultural - Town - Country - Just Unusual.
  • Additional 'in-house' support in various specialist areas to underpin advice, meet requirements and maximise results. Examples including planning/design expertise, dispute resolution, RICS reports for Charities etc.
  • Trusted reputation with a network of established buyers and law firms
  • Comprehensive marketing via our extensive mailing list and own website, plus Rightmove, and also a specialist website bringing further regional and national attention.
  • Wholeheartedly client focused approach.
  • Valuations and expert advice at totally no obligation.

A Personal Guide To Auction Decision Making And General Auction Process

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We hold our regular public auction sale events at Hogarths Stone Manor Hotel, Kidderminster - a renowned and high class venue with plenty of parking!

Suitability For Auction

  • It is a very common mis-conception that just because a property is being sold by auction there is always a problem with it. Yes, sometimes there are issues that might make a sale by auction the only viable option but by no means is this always the case. Therefore, a sale by auction can be considered by ALL sellers based upon a variety of reasons often driven by individual circumstances. Another typical myth is that properties will achieve lesser prices when sold by auction. To the contrary, the opposite is generally true, based upon our high quality marketing.
  • The following list is not exhaustive but just a general guide which might help you decide. However, there is no substitute for a personal inspection and we are very happy indeed to come and see your property, or land, without obligation!
  • As a client your key question will most probably be how do we protect your position in respect of price. We ALWAYS use a non-disclosed reserve pre-agreed with you. The reserve price is the absolute minimum that your lot can be sold for.
  • As a seller, would you just simply favour a fast and secure sale! The contract for completion is typically 28 days from sale but it can be tailored to suit you. In Spring time this can also sometimes be tax efficient in the run up to 5 April.
  • Have you already been trying to sell via private treaty yet your sale keeps falling through and would like to inject certainty?
  • Would you just like to sell or do you need to sell? Often, it really is just that simple and so your property or land might take a back seat to your own personal circumstances. If speed and security are top of the list then without question auction is your very best option.
  • Does the property have some type of issue? Maybe it is unsuitable for mortgage lending purposes given its construction or defects? Maybe there are other factors such as a short lease or a fault on the title. Equally, there could be other factors too such as environmental issues like flooding. For such reasons then auction would normally be a pre-requisite but crucially every case is different and we can advise you without obligation! Notwithstanding that, if we do not feel that auction will suit your best interest then we will tell you.
  • Is it an investment property be that either a single private residence or a block. Is it a mixed-use building (for example a shop with flats above) or a commercial premises. Maybe, as a seller, you might even like to sell with a tenant(s) in-situ. We often have tremendous success with such lots by auction. Why? Simply through competition to purchase. Interest rates on saving accounts have been so low for many years now and this is a trend which looks set to continue. Therefore, both professional and amateur investment buyers are very active.
  • Would the property benefit from major refurbishment making it most likely to be of interest builders and developers?
  • Obvious as this might sound, is it just a very rare property or of great originality, in which case a sale by auction will fully test the certain market for it. Such can be the power of a good auction we really do have so many amazing examples of sales achieved that have out-performed what could have even been imagined on the open market!
  • Are there other ways to enhance the property? Maybe it is suitable for extension and imaginative re-modelling. Maybe, it also has a large plot and there might be potential to build another dwelling(s) in the garden. Could value be added by conversion or sub-division. Again this is something that we can advise and help with and we also have our very own 'in-house' specialist planning and design department.
  • Do you hold land? In general, land always sells by auction and we have many case studies. Of course, development land - with or without planning consent - will forever command major attention but, additionally, agricultural and amenity land also often meets with exceptionally strong demand too.
  • We also specialise in farm sales too.
  • Finally, a sale by auction sets a methodical path which gives complete control to the seller!


Benefits of public auction
Conducted in our expert boutique style, this method of sale will without question deliver complete transparency thereby ensuring that your property or land is definitely not undersold, in that, the market will have been extensively tested which hopefully will then lead to very competitive bidding and therefore a premium price on the night. A further nicety about this method of sale is that it will also guarantee a fast and secure no hassle transaction underpinned by a 10% deposit – this versus an open market sale whereby a would-be buyer might then try to come back to re-negotiate the price, stall for time or even abort the purchase altogether. 

Pre-auction offers

Marketing for a sale by Public Auction can also give the best of 'both worlds' too as if say a very attractive pre-auction offer should be received then that can be considered to become an immediate agreement for sale but at the same time does not prejudice the position of the seller. To the contrary it creates an incredibly powerful position for a seller as not until such time as contracts are exchanged would we cease auction marketing and failing a successful and secure exchange then the property would still be offered for sale under the hammer as planned.

Auction success

In general it is fair to say that we almost always exceed our clients expectations but, as with most things in life, things which may look easy often are not and take lots of skill and expertise to get right. The absolute key for success starts very simply and that is time as the earlier you instruct us, pre-sale, then quite naturally the more we can do!

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Without Obligation Valuation

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