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By Phipps & Pritchard
Monday, November 25, 2019

‘I just wished to make sure you know how much I have appreciated all your staff at Phipps and Pritchard have done over the last few months to help us achieve our dream of moving to Wales.


Zoe Herbert visited initially and her manner, honesty and excellent communication was very appreciated and noted.


Leah has helped keep me going on the days and moments Beth was off, and never made me feel like I shouldn't have called again and again for help! 


Beth Jones I feel has really gone above and beyond in the way she has supported our move and me.


I have had such stress in many or most aspects of my life as part of relocating a family of 5 to Wales and a sale and purchase and Beth has consistently met my stress, emotions and so many questions with just the right balance of wise words, humour (which has really helped me not cry so much) empathy & advice/focus, so nice when people are so human.


Its certainly felt like a team effort, and the professional relationship staff at Phipps have built with our Solicitor Javed at MFG over the years, who has also been a star in all this, I feel has really helped as timely, accurate information and communication is key to things happening and me knowing what's going on, which has been so important amongst the stress.


Thank you so much, please ensure staff hear of their praise.


A great team, teamwork really did make our dream work.’


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