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By Phipps and Pritchard
Thursday, January 25, 2018

How unkind, not to say unknowledgeable (and certainly disrespectful to the Burke family) when someone in a crowded room announces that McCartneys are sponsoring “a Burke Trophy” “ha ha” “and they would win it hands down!!” – by the time that individual had received the “Ian Hislop” treatment from me, the “Burke” was truly on the other foot!

Of course what this un-educated “rat-conteur” was trying, most unsuccessfully to gibe was that “ours truly” have been given the opportunity at the Royal Three Counties Show this year to sponsor the most prestigious event in the beef cattle industry, the FA Cup, Grand Slam, Super 12, Grand National equivalent – THE R.A.S.E. BURKE TROPHY.

This Trophy was originally presented annually at the Royal Show at Stoneleigh (once the Flag Ship of British Farming) from 1951 to 2009 when the show closed. Since then it has been awarded at major shows around the country and this year the Royal Three Counties Show has secured the coveted award.

The competition is for the Best Pair of Beef Cattle (a bull and a female) and is selected from each beef breed that has classes at the show.

Not only will there be some classy cattle on show but the judge who will have the ultimate selection also has plenty of class! Mrs Kay Adam from Forfar, Scotland comes from a very strong dynasty of cattle breeders north of the border.

Our very own Chairman John Uffold will, along with the Society’s President Dame Janet Trotter DBE., HML, (a new suit ordered John ! ! ) be dishing out the silverware with “yours truly” coming “off the bench” with my McCartneys hat (a bowler of course) and my Three Counties Deputy Chief Beef Steward position sneaking in for the “snaps”.

All joking apart we as a firm are thrilled to have been invited to sponsor this fantastic award at what must be one of the most highly regarded shows in the country. The “hard yards” over many years to secure “Official Auctioneer” status for eight cattle breed societies (and 14 sheep breed societies) has been (as all the PR men say) challenging but to be involved in this side of the industry and then be able to have a major involvement in the culmination of THE competition of all competitions is truly exciting.

Now the “Ahh” bit – you may have seen photographs in the press recently or even on our website with a rather handsome man holding the Burke Trophy on its arrival at the Malvern Showground (me for the short sighted!) – The last, and only time, I have ever held the Trophy was in 1981 when the Longhorn cattle pair won the Burke Trophy at the Royal show – at that time I was a (very) young Auctioneer and also Secretary of The Longhorn Cattle Society – not a bad photograph then of a fresh faced boy but not as good at the night that followed! ! ! ! If this year follows suit we won’t be taking any wise cracks from people in a crowded room (read bar!)

Clive Roads - Partner, Auctioneer, Agricultural Department Chairman

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